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Hiring the Right Team for Your Whitetail Property

Updated: Mar 12, 2023


While it’s good to have a grasp on your ideas for a plan and implementing Methods of Change, execution is best done with the help of professionals. Every situation is different, some require help from all of these, and others, just one or two. Tapping into these hired hands is always worth it, and will save you time, indecision, money, effort, and most importantly: not getting it wrong.

Whitetail Habitat Consultant at Work

The Experts You Need on Your Team

Improving a Whitetail Hunting Setup
  • Whitetail Habitat Consultant: If whitetails are your focus, then you will want to start with an experienced whitetail consultant. This is the focus of our team, to help observe and design the best habitat and hunting setups to fit your individual needs. With this first, the other focuses for the property can follow suit.

  • Private Forester: With a plan in hand, next up is connecting with a private forester who will listen and execute the setup you need with sound principles. Be careful, and take time to find the right fit, someone who is focused to deliver on your goals, not on board feed to the mill.

Installing a Waterhole for Whitetail

  • Logger: The right forester should lead you to the right logger. Often the forester recommends loggers best suited to fit your needs – which may be unique. Take time to visit another job they have done to be sure you can trust them with your land. This will also get you ready to see what a timber harvest looks like.

  • Habitat Land Manager: Consider hiring an experienced hand, for a day or for a month, to help build the habitat details after the heavy equipment has moved out. The skills and ability of these managers can help get you years ahead of what you’d be able to do on your own. Be sure to get a highly recommended professional focused on deer habitat, not ‘close enough’ trades like landscapers and tree companies. If they don’t focus on deer habitat, you don’t want them on your property.


While getting these items done, it isn't all about cutting. Remember to take your time in finding the right fit for each role, and don't settle for anyone who doesn't have a focus on deer habitat. Investing in the right team is crucial for a successful whitetail habitat. Next up is the conclusion to our series, A Forest Built for Deer.



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