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Brenon Maynard

Brenon Maynard Whitetail Habitat Consultant

Chenango County, NY

Whitetail Deer Habitat Consultant
Licensed Realtor - New York

Brenon has been developing private lands to enhance whitetail hunting for many years. He was blessed to have a family owned track of land where he could practice habitat management.


Over the years his skill sets of reading the land and designing property specific improvements has grown exponentially. He takes a holistic approach making sure every detail is a building block toward the success of the entire property. 


Brenon is also a licensed real estate agent in New York. He specializes in the sale of whitetail properties and homes with acreage across the state. 

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States & Services:

  • Delaware - Whitetail Habitat Design

  • New York - Whitetail Habitat Design & Real Estate

  • Maryland - Whitetail Habitat Design

  • Pennsylvania - Whitetail Habitat Design

  • New Jersey - Whitetail Habitat Design

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