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Step 1: Collaboration

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A great design is built on partnership. Before we start, we will:

  • Take an in depth look at your experiences, needs, goals, and vision for the land.

  • Review hunting methods, points of access, and neighboring influences.

  • Blend our proven design concepts with your land usage preferences.

Step 2: Scouting

Next it is time to lace up the boots and start scouting. What to expect:

  • Observe existing features and discuss habitat improvements and principles that will improve your land.

  • Continuously mark waypoints of current locations of bedding, feed, and travel as well as any proposed improvements.

deer trail in snow

Step 3: Design

We compile all the information and start to develop a habitat plan that influences deer movement tailored specifically for your whitetail property. In the plan you will find:

  • Warm Season Grass & Conifer Screening

  • Edge Feathering

  • Timber Stand Improvement

  • Tree Stands & Blinds

  • Hunter Access

  • & More!

  • Food Plots (kill plots, trail plots, destination plots, and soft mass)

  • Bedding Areas

  • Travel Routes

  • Water Holes

  • Mock Scrapes

  • Access Roads

Report & Follow-Up

The habitat plan is delivered with a detailed report and an opportunity to schedule a follow-up to review and ensure you are fully satisfied. Within the report you will find:

  • Personalized videos explaining how habitat improvements work together as a cohesive system.

  • A guide for the habitat improvement process on your deer hunting property.

  • 40+ pages of additional reference material loaded with implementation tips, food plot and product recommendations, suggested tools, and habitat pictures.

whitetail habitat report
personalized whitetail plan
detailed whitetail habitat plan


  • Starting at $2,450 for properties under 60 acres in consultants home range.

  • Every client starts with a FREE consultation call to discuss and customize a quote to meet your needs.

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Professional whitetail habitat specialists.

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