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dylan smith whitetail habitat consultant

Shawnee County, KS

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Dylan Smith

Whitetail Deer Habitat Consultant

Dylan is a passionate, lifelong whitetail fanatic that continues to develop his whitetail management skills. With over 30 years of hunting and land management experience, he is well versed in tips and tactics that will shorten the learning curve for those who follow.

Although he resides in a state that is capable of producing some of the highest quality animals, his drive and consistent work ethic has been the key to his success. He has been blessed with multiple “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences and his passion for self-filming these encounters speaks for itself. It is no secret that scrape hunting is his favorite hunting tactic and
many of his videos highlight those setups.

Dylan enjoys venturing outside his comfort zone and has carried his success into foreign public lands pursuing elk and western big game. Dylan believes joining Whitetail Partners was God’s plan. He continues to dive deeper into the land management world and is excited to share his love for the outdoors and habitat journey.

States & Services:

  • Kansas - Whitetail Habitat Design

  • Iowa - Whitetail Habitat Design

  • Missouri - Whitetail Habitat Design

  • Nebraska - Whitetail Habitat Design

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