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Whitetail Habitat Improvement: The Journey Never Ends


giant whitetail buck

Anyone who has engaged in habitat work long enough will tell you that the work is never complete. For us and our finite time on earth, there may only be a few harvests and heavy changes to the landscape during our land ownership and hunting years. Rotating through large properties, acquiring new ones, and certain types of timber will always provide an exception to this rule; but for many, once the property is planned out, there is an initial time of major change followed by many years of maintenance and tweaking to the plan.

Where the Plan Ends, the Work Begins

For us, this is the ‘fun’ work that never ends, continuously improving the timber, forest, and habitat for deer. Here is a portion of our list for landowners in this stage of the game, there are many more for clients following their assessments and reports.

  • Invasive Species Management: We are not focused on elimination, but rather the management, using the cover and other qualities these species may provide the deer without overtaking the landscape.

  • TSI/FSI: The all-inclusive term we covered earlier in the series… do what works on your land! Maybe it’s keeping vines in check, weeding, thinning, or release cuts as your desired trees mature.

  • Cutting Management: Periodic review of bedding and corridor areas for accessibility, new growth, and other qualities. These areas often require follow-up cuttings, small expansions, or trees to be put down to preserve the necessary light for the survival of the desired improvement.

  • Plantings: We are continuously planting trees for the future of our forests, deer, and the next generation.


This concludes our series 'A Forest Built for Deer'. We hope all of this content was beneficial for you and your whitetail property. Continue to follow along as we roll out more series, and if there is something you have been wanting some more information on feel free to let us know!



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