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Is Whitetail Habitat Design Right for Me?


When it comes to the world of habitat and hunting, making the decision to tackle your hunting property alone or with the help of a hired professional is often the first big decision land owners can expect to make.

Your pursuit of mature bucks and likelihood of success will likely hinge on your ability to come up with a high quality hunting design and you capacity to preform habitat work to it's full potential. At Whitetail Partners, we understand the significance of this debate along with the pride and passion that goes into owning your own piece of ground.

Whether you are a DIY type looking for tips and tactics for your property (see Whitetail Partners Learning Center) or have decided to take the next step and bring a specialist with experience designing locations and implementing strategies applicable to your parcel, we are here to help take your whitetail property to the next level.

Understanding Whitetail Habitat Design

Before deciding whether this is something you want to manage on your own or hire out, it's worth understanding everything that goes into designing and managing a parcel.

Here is an in depth look at some of the services covered with an on-site property consultation (property visit):

  • Food Plot (Kill Plots, Trail Plots, Sanctuary Plots, Destination Food Plot)

  • Create Bedding Areas

  • Develop Hunter Access Routes

  • Deer Travel Routes

  • Installing Water Holes

  • Installing Mock Scrapes

  • Laying Out Access Roads

  • Warm Season Grasses and Conifer Screening

  • Edge Feathering

  • Timber Stand Improvement

  • Tree Stands & Deer Hunting Blind Placement

  • Video Review

  • Create Individual Guide for Specific Land Improvements

  • Additional Reference Material (Based on Property Needs)

There is no doubt a lot of work that goes into laying out a property the right way, so what better place to start than deciding what it is your property needs the most.

full plan that shows hunt locations of tree stand and blind, food, bedding, cover, timber/trees

Assessing Your Whitetail Property Needs

The journey towards a well-designed whitetail habitat starts with a deep self-assessment of your property's needs. This is a great time to consider your overall goal of the hunt, the unique characteristics of your land, the size and structure of your local deer herd, and your hunting preferences (archery, firearm, combination).

Does your property have an abundance of food sufficient for deer through all phases of the season? Focusing on implementing doe bedding areas or an isolated buck bed may be the ticket to taking your land to the next level.

Are you focused on the harvest of mature bucks or will the property be more family oriented? Different goals will result in different stand locations, strategies for how and when you hunt them, and more. Whatever your prefer it is important to cover all the basis before getting started.

man posing with large buck

Benefits and Challenges

This work offers a multitude of advantages, but it's equally crucial to acknowledge the challenges it can entail. Enhancing your property's habitat can lead to improved deer movement, food sources, and ultimately, hunting success.

However, it's not without its considerations, such as the investment required, the need for a well-thought-out plan, and what the neighbors intentions are beyond your property lines.

The Decision-Making Process

If you are anything like us, which if you have read this far I'm sure you are, making the right decision is a multi-step process.

Assess Your Goals:

The first step is to clearly define your goals. What do you hope to achieve with your whitetail property for this season and years to come?

Are you looking to attract more deer, grow larger bucks, or enhance the overall hunting experience for family and friends?

kid posing with large whitetail buck

Property Evaluation:

An honest evaluation of your property should immediately follow your goals so you know exactly how much work you have in front of you.

Does your parcel have the adequate amount of food sources?

Do you have topography that can turn into great rut funnels and induce bucks movement during that first November cold front?

Does your parcel support the needs of the local deer herd in the spring, summer, and winter or is it glorified for only one phase of the season?

Customized Habitat Plan & Whitetail Land Management:

Design first and then get to work. All too often land owners jump into projects on their properties without planning out how it will flow together with the other locations around their land.

Whether it's establishing food plots, creating bedding areas or improving security cover, or other improvements, focusing on creating a natural flow of movement through your property will give you the biggest advantage in the long run.

Professional Guidance:

If you have made it this far and feel like you need some help getting the most out of your property, know that you can trust our team of specialists at Whitetail Partners.

Collectively we have provided designs and other land management services for whitetails on tens of thousands of acres all across the whitetails home range. Just to be sure, let's take a look at a few recent success stories from our clients around the country.

The best way to showcase the benefits of our work is through the stories of our satisfied clients. Here are just a few examples of how Whitetail Partners has transformed hunting properties:

bow hunter posing with large whitetail buck

man posing with large whitetail buck side angle


"Using Whitetail Partners took out the trial-and-error time and money we would've spent figuring out what we needed to do on our property to get ourselves more opportunities to see deer and was well worth the investment!"


"Whitetail Partners stays involved every step of the way, even after the finished design plan. They truly care about the deliverables provided and the people involved. I've always been able to contact them for follow-up and questions. We have killed several great bucks on our property since having it designed in 2020."


"Whitetail Partners deliverables are well designed, and more importantly, USEFUL! They gave me the tools I needed to use for years as a long term reference, a functional playbook. The report gave an easy to follow strategy with useful written plans on how to execute and maintain my new whitetail dream property. All of this was at a fair price...that's the definition of value."

woman posing with mature buck

man posing with bow and large whitetail buck

We have plenty of other testimonials to support our claims that our food plots, bedding areas, habitat improvements, and overall designs work for our clients and bring them success in all shapes and sizes, from their first bucks to the great buck they have let walk for years and finally had the opportunity to seal the deal.


Your decision to invest in your land is a significant one, and it should be approached with careful consideration. Whitetail Partners can happily be your trusted partner in this journey, offering expertise, customized solutions, and a track record of client success.

Our commitment to helping you assess your property needs, understand the benefits and challenges, and make informed decisions sets us apart. We believe that by providing resources, guidance, and a network of satisfied clients, we can help you achieve your goals.



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