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Habitat and Hunting
Design Consultation

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Our mission is to work with you to blend solid design concepts with the way you want to use the land.  The best plan is one that comes out of collaboration.


We begin by discussing your experiences - successes and failures; needs and resources; goals and dreams for the land.


We also review hunting methods, various points of access, other land uses as well as neighboring influences.

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This hands-on service starts with a day on your land. 


Then we scout the land, noting existing features, discussing habitat improvement and principles that will improve your land for whitetails.

Along the way we GPS map existing and proposed locations where bucks and does bed, feed and travel. 

We also note hunter access, terrain, deer sign and other details that are relevant to the habitat plan.

This information serves as the field notes that are then transformed into the design.

Whitetail Habitat Design
deer trail in snow

After the visit your 3D Habitat Plan is developed.

​Plans include food sources (kill plots, trail plots and destination food plots, soft mast), bedding, travel routes, ​waterholes, mock scrapes, warm season grass and conifer screening, edge feathering, timber stand improvement, stands, blinds, hunter access and more! 



detailed whitetail habitat plan
whitetail habitat report
personalized whitetail plan

The habitat plan is delivered with a report which includes several personalized videos to explain how the habitat improvements work together as a cohesive system.


The report also serves as your guide through the habitat improvement process by prioritizing improvements for your land.

Additional reference material includes 40+ pages of implementation tips, food plot and product recommendations, suggested​ tools and many habitat pictures and lessons from our own experience. 

Plan is delivered both in a pdf and editable format in Google Earth.

Example of a completed Custom Habitat Plan

Upon delivering the plan and report, we will have a follow-up call, online or in-person meeting to answer your questions and ensure your satisfaction.  


After the process is complete, you can call as much as you need to ask about your plan and implementation.  We are here to help you - your success is our reward!

On-Site Consulting Fees

  • Fees start at $2,450 for properties under 60 acres in our home range, but each job is quoted, as pricing is impacted by a variety of factors including travel distance, size of parcel and complexity of land.

  • Every client starts with a FREE consultation call to discuss and customize a quote to meet your needs.

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