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Organizing Hunting Waypoints to Become a More Effective Hunter (OnX Hunt App)


In the realm of modern hunting, technology has become an indispensable ally for hunters seeking precision and organization in their outdoor pursuits. Among the other tools at our disposal, hunting mapping apps have emerged as game-changers, helping us navigate rugged terrain, scout locations, and make the most of our hunting setups.

While we cover the OnX Hunt App in this article, there are many other apps available on the market with similar features. Follow along as we offer insights and strategies that will elevate your hunting experience to new heights.

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What are Waypoints?

In essence, waypoints are digital markers on your map, pinpointing significant locations that are crucial for your hunting expeditions. These markers serve as digital breadcrumbs, guiding you to spots where you've found deer activity, potential stands, or even promising trails.

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Creating Folders and Color Coding

One of the most common problems a lot of hunters have after having an account open for any significant amount of time is the disorganization of different markups including lines, tracks, trails, stand sites, among many other things.

organizing onx data

A nice feature with OnX that allows you to improve organization is the ability to create folders and color code individual waypoints. This organizational duo streamlines your hunting map, making it easier to navigate and extract essential information at a glance.

Creating Folders:

add folder onx

Imagine your hunting map as a digital filing cabinet, and each waypoint as a document. To keep things tidy, create folders that categorize your waypoints based on location, type, or season. For instance, you can have a new folder for "Winter Buck Bedding," "Early Season Stand Location," or "Scouting Research."

From the web version of OnX, simply select "My Content" > "Add Folder" to create a new storage location. From here you can save relevant points and even share entire folders with other users.

Color Coding:

Incorporating a color code into your waypoint management strategy is like adding highlighter to your hunting map. Assign distinct colors to folders or individual waypoints based on their significance or purpose. For instance, you can designate red for high-traffic deer areas, green for ideal stand placements, and blue for water sources.

The beauty of this visual distinction is its immediate comprehension. When you glance at your hunting map, the color-coded waypoints provide instant insights into your hunting strategy. You can instantly identify the areas you want to prioritize or track, even without delving into the note section of each waypoint icon.

color coding onx waypoints

When you create a folder and implement color coding, you're setting the stage for a well-organized hunting map that speaks volumes at a glance. But waypoint organization doesn't stop here; it's a multifaceted process that evolves with your hunting journey. In the following sections, we'll explore further strategies to enhance your hunting waypoint management.

Different Waypoint Icon for Different Hunting Seasons

Hunting is a year-round endeavor, and the obsessed whitetail hunters know that each season brings time spent boots on the ground. On top of our folder and color code technique, we can also keep certain icons for certain portions of the season.

Imagine this scenario: You've spent the spring scouting the area you focused on the previous season. Now, as fall approaches ahead of hunting season, your are shifting your focus to the hot and fresh sign.

Without distinct icons, your hunting map can quickly become cluttered and confusing. This is where you can review your different options and choose the icon that best fits your scenario.

onx map with waypoint photos and notes

Storing Data in Multiple Locations

As an avid hunter, your adventures can take you to diverse terrains, often beyond the reach of a stable internet connection. In such remote settings, having access to your hunting map and waypoints becomes paramount. This is where storing data in multiple locations becomes invaluable.

Most hunting mapping apps offer offline functionality, allowing you to download maps and access them without an internet connection. Take advantage of this feature by downloading maps for the areas you plan to hunt in advance. This way, even in areas with poor connectivity, you can still access your waypoints.

onx map

Additionally, consider storing your hunting waypoints in multiple places, both within the app and externally. While the app provides a primary use case, working with different devices allows security in the event you lose access to your account, and also a different point of view of your hunting area with a different map.

We like to utilize Google Earth Pro as a secondary mapping source to take advantage of things like historical imagery.

Having redundant copies of your hunting waypoints ensures that you're never caught unprepared, regardless of the circumstances. Whether you're navigating deep into the backcountry or dealing with unexpected technology glitches, multiple storage options offer peace of mind.

google earth pro

Conclusion: Benefits of Organizing Waypoints

In the world of modern hunting, success often hinges on the ability to adapt to changing conditions and make informed decisions in the field. Organizing waypoints is not merely a task but a strategic approach to enhance your hunting experience.

Through the effective use of folders, color coding, distinct icons for different seasons, and redundant data storage, you can transform your hunting map into a powerful tool. It becomes a visual representation of your hunting knowledge, offering clarity, efficiency, and the ability to quickly adapt to evolving circumstances.

The benefits of organized waypoints extend beyond convenience; they translate into increased success and memorable hunting experiences. So, embrace these waypoint management strategies, and watch as your hunting adventures reach new heights. With every well-organized waypoint, you're one step closer to a successful hunt and unforgettable moments in the great outdoors.

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