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Virtual Habitat &
Hunting Design

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  • While the best planning comes from having an in-person review of the land, sometimes on-site consulting doesn't fit your need or budget.

  • During a virtual meeting, we cover many of the interactions we would have in person using multiple mapping programs including GIS, OnX and Google Earth. 

  • The more leg work you put in to scout the land and relay information back will improve the quality of the planning.

  • Quoted packages can be as basic as a single Q&A meeting or as in-depth as a multiple-meeting and full property habitat design.

  • Virtual sessions can also lead into ongoing coaching for habitat and hunting personal development.  Click here to learn more:

Virtual Consulting Fees

  • Single Q&A meeting - $300 for 2 hours

  • Full design - Fees start at $1,250 for a parcel under 60 acres, but each job is quoted, as pricing is impacted by a variety of factors including size and complexity of land and existing habitat.

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